The Studio Legale Teodoro was founded in 1989 in Isernia by the Avv. Raffaele Teodoro, lawyer with extensive experience in the civil, criminal and sports areas .


We work in Italy and we also offer consultancy and legal assistance to the person, company, corporation, partnership or propietorship with residence or registered office in an other country for their legal activities.


The Studio Legale Teodoro provides legal assistance and advice also "online".
For any information fill the form in the "contacts" page and, as soon as possible, we will respond to your requests.


Where we are:

  • address: via Umbria n. 32

                   86170 Isernia, Italia



  • tel:  +39.0865.412072


  • fax: +39.0865.520212

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Tel. +39 0865 412072 - Fax +39 0865 520212


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